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Reputation is one way to determine durability, but most companies will publish testing data or stick to strict industry standards regarding the waterproof rating as well as what gas is used to purge the optic for fog. First off, you want a reticle that provides hash marks of some kind in either MOA or MILs that allow you to compensate for both windage and elevation.

What Types Of Rifle Scopes?

This means hash marks, dots, half circles, lines, whatever, run along the vertical and horizontal line of the reticle. An illuminated reticle is an option if you are planning to shoot in lower light conditions and scopes with illumination have increased the versatility but usually also increase the price tag. They also almost always need batteries, so keep that in mind if you take that route. When you first see Mil-dot you might think these sights are for military use, but the mil in mil-dot has absolutely nothing to do with the military.

These offer the shooter advanced information using complex mathematical equations to form estimations of range.

Best Rifle Scope , Tactical Scopes , Hunting scope , and Long Range Scopes 2019

Choosing the right reticle really comes down to personal preference. Some of these reticles come equipped with helpful tools to aid your journey on the path to professional mastery. These are coined as bullet drop compensator reticles BDC. They include helpful little lines or dots set at multiple levels of range. Now, on to the section of the article where we suggest a few of our favorite caliber scopes. Again, we aimed for all types of scopes, from hunting to tactical, along with all price ranges.

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Good optics make good shooting, so here are a few of our favorites! They make tons of different optics for the sporting community, way more than people give them credit for. The Diamondback is an outstanding scope at a great price, which is why it is a VERY popular budget scope. One reason I love Vortex is because of their willingness to back their scopes with an exceptional warranty and have good customer service.

Vortex has never let me down, and in my opinion, the Diamondback is a step above nearly all budget scopes on the market. The Diamondback is a simple, variable optic that efficient and effective. This optic is designed for rugged outdoor use, making it a perfect scope for hunting. It is water, shock, and fog proof. The lenses are fully multi-coated, and Vortex is well known for their high-quality glass.

Bottom line: Vortex is one of my favorite companies and this is easily one of the best scopes out there.

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My Review: Leupold is an old school optics company with a long history of producing a variety of optics for military, competition, and hunting. The is a very popular caliber for hunting, and the Leupold VX-2 is perfect for those rifles. The VX-2 is available in a wide variety of different magnifications, but the classic x is what I would suggest for hunting with a The changes are all finger click adjustments, and they are capped to avoid being hit when traversing the field, climbing tree stands and other tasks a hunter may find themselves doing.

The VX-2 uses the Leupold Diamondcoat lens coating that serves two purposes. The coating helps transmit light and reduce glare, but additionally, the Diamondcoat protects the lenses from being scratched and suffering from abrasions. The IMLS creates an extremely sharp resolution across the entire field of view. This is critical for hunters who often take shots just as the sun is rising and as it is setting. This scope captures the light hunters need to take those shots. The Primary Arms FFP is one of the cheapest first focal plane scopes on the market and with the powerful x magnification you can make serious use of the Primary Arms ballistic reticle.

FFP scopes allow the ballistic markings on the reticle to be consistent at every range of magnification. These reticles make shooting accurately an almost dull affair.

Top 9 Best Cheap Rifle Scopes

The scope has six different illumination settings, and it has one of my favorite features when it comes to illumination settings. Between each brightness setting, there is an off switch. The bottom line is this scope is a great value, and for the money, it might just be the best scope for rifles out there. My Review: Athlon Optics is criminally underrated when it comes to high quality, moderately priced optics. As a scope, the Athlon Optics is a powerful scope, and it comes in various magnification ranges.

This includes x and my personal favorite, the x. The Argos BTR is decked out with some excellent features that will make target shooting, hunting, and even tactical use an easy goal to accomplish. The Argos BTR is a first focal plane scope, so the reticle stays easy to use and valid at every magnification rating. The reticle itself shrinks and grows as you change the magnification rating.

The lenses are fully multi-coated with an excellent overall coating. This multi-coating gives you the best light transmission possible, and you gather up every extra bit of light. This makes it easier to see as the sun rises and the sunsets. The internal mechanics are also built to last, not just through recoil, but through all kinds of punishment. This kind of stability is often desired in a tactical scope that might be used and abused roughly. My Review: Nikon is a big company in the optics world. They make way more than just rifle scopes, but you also have spotting scopes, binoculars, camera lenses, microscopes, and so much more.

They know a thing or two about a quality piece of glass. The Nikon M is their entry into the purpose built world. The Nikon M is built with a bullet drop compensating reticle that goes out to yards. The powerful x power magnification is potent enough to reach out and touch a target at yards for sure.

This level of magnification will make it easy to spot little targets at dangerous ranges. Any novice operator can place precise shots with ease using the Nikon M The M is perfect for hunting rifles, as well as plinking and even some shorter range competition work. The M has some high-quality glass that has fully multicoated lenses that make it easy to see in low light conditions and to keep glare from reducing your ability to look at your target.

The Nikon M has adjustable fingertip turrets that have an excellent feeling when adjusted. You feel each and every click as well as hear every click. These clicks make it easy to know you are making adjustments on a full range with gunfire going off all around you. The M is full of those little details that make it a blast to use. From its quick focus eyepiece to its rugged construction the scope runs. My Review: Bushnell is well known for their affordable and budget based rifle scopes.

Top Rated Rifle Scope Reviews

This particular model is built to last and made to function on a DMR type rifle, which is any AR with a decent length barrel. The Elite Tactical Scope packs a power magnification and a 50mm objective lens.

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This nice level of magnification will get you on target and allow you to zoom in a hit a small target or watch a big one. The reticle is extremely versatile and handy. These stadia are extremely precise and easy to use on the fly. This saves time, which is critical when it comes to tactical shooting, especially at potentially moving targets.

The Bushnell is also a first focal plane optic, so this reticle is valid at every possible magnification since it shrinks and grows as the magnification is changed. The lenses are HD low dispersion glass and are fully multicoated for superior light gathering and glare reduction.

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