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What can i do? Are they allowed to stil sell items that are no longer in stock and not notify customers? There are currently no thanks for this post.

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Page 1. You could ask them for a refund, but I guess this close to Christmas that probably won't help.

What's this? There is no legal requirement for a company to have live stock information nor for them to hold stock before taking your money - if this were the case then almost no furniture store would be legal as sofas etc are virtually always built to order and not stock items.

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Ultimately it is your choice if you want to wait and see if they get the stock in and can get it out to you in time or if you want to cut your losses, cancel the order and take your business else where. Actually ofcom require that the live tv shopping channels only sell stock which is available. It's in the licence conditions of the channels concerned. It doesn't seem to be enforced as strictly as it used to be however. Nowacays they sell sock en-route or held at wholesalers in their name. Ideal World are an atrocious organisation when things go wrong.

They often deny it but they do have a UK customer relations dept on They're not much better than their Indian call centres, chocolate teapots spring to mind, but at least they understand English better. Users saying Thanks 1. Watched quite a few of their tablet presentation shows, as I was in the market for a tablet myself. Having watched several of their tablet presentation shows, they always appear to be telling people they are running out of stock.

As they keep saying as well, tablets are the most requested item for Christmas. They are constantly selling out of tablets during their presentation shows. Their website is constantly changing the tablets available also. This suggests they are struggling to meet demand, but this is likely to be, because the suppliers can't supply enough to meet demand. I don't think it is strange for companies to accept orders when they are expecting stock in after a short while.

As tablets are mega, mega, mega popular gifts to have this Christmas, I think the manufactures are having trouble keeping up with supply and demand. Plenty of other places that do tablets though, could you not just get a refund and order elsewhere. I've made 4 purchases over the years, when it goes smoothly it's great, but when they go wrong There are rules about advertising items for sale when you don't have stock.

Teleshopping channels are always being pulled up by the ASA - although they may have a legal super on display saying 'Some of the items may no longer be avialble' which they do on the crafting channel. If they are only selling one item in the slot then you could argue with the ASA that s they knew they were out of stock they broke the rules by advertising the product.

Thanks i gonna give our uk guys a call and ask about when restocking, ive also commented on there fb haha, thats the thing people wil order all the time and have no probs we ordered once before back in jan no probs at all until now and with it being xmas its more stress full to get them quickly. So lets see what they say this time being on hold 30mins just makes u more pee'd off :- Just gave them a call lady seemed help-ish my order been marked to widget?!

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The tabs are coming from thwn but there was no date on any restock and its not fair waiting around for if they cant get any til after xmas so shes emailed them and if she gets a reply they wil call us, so wil leave it til monday if nothing by then may aswell get a refund. Last edited by wingers82; at AM. Reason: Update. Lady just called me back very fast response didnt really expect a call back today, anyway company is hopin to have more in by begining of next week so as she was nice enough to sit and be on hold since i rang her half hr ago i said id hang on til then, call her back and then if stil nothing she wil arrange a speedy refund for me thanks for the uk number so much better than other dimwits!

Sorry, thread closed.

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    We don't as a general policy investigate the solvency of companies mentioned how likely they are to go bust , but there is a risk any company can struggle and it's rarely made public until it's too late see the Section 75 guide for protection tips. Plus, you'll get free next-day delivery with the Prime trial, as well as access to Prime Instant Video and more.

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    Ideal world tablet deals
    Ideal world tablet deals
    Ideal world tablet deals
    Ideal world tablet deals
    Ideal world tablet deals
    Ideal world tablet deals
    Ideal world tablet deals
    Ideal world tablet deals

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