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Tent size is usually a great starting point, as you may be looking for a one-man tent for a solo adventure, or a large inflatable tent to accommodate your family or big group of friends. Those of you intending on car camping that means travelling by car to the campsite can take pretty much any size tent you want.

Those travelling by public transport will need something lighter and more compact. Or you might love hitting the trail alone, pitching up wherever you can find a quiet spot to experience proper wild camping. In that case, a lightweight, fast-pitch backpacking tent would suit you best as you'll have less to carry on your pack. So much choice could make it harder for you to find the best tent for you, so in this buyer's guide we've covered off all of things you will need to consider.

These considerations range from the hardiness of your tent ie, how robust it is, how waterproof and windproof it is , through to how many it sleeps comfortably and how easy it is to pitch.

All in the aid of helping you easily find The One. To make things even simpler still, we've expertly curated a selection of the best tents you can buy right now from a range of top camping brands. Camping is fun, so there's no reason for tent shopping to be any different. Buying a new tent is exciting, and if you choose the right one it'll last you a long time and help you and your family or friends make some great memories in the outdoors.

Our ancestors might have been down with dwelling in caves, and yes cave camping is still a thing, but most people do it with a little more comfort and luxury these days. Tents are essentially our temporary home outdoors; a sometimes very swish shelter to retreat to for more comfortable living and sleeping when camping. Fun fact: the oldest known tent was found in Moldova, Eastern Europe.

It dates to around 40, B. We can only imagine what it smelt like inside Modern tents for camping, backpacking, hiking and for general outdoors living come in a range of shapes and sizes. The most popular ones are:. There are lots of newcomers entering the muddy field too, with innovative designs coming from brands such as Tentstile, with its sublime floating tree tents, and Cinch, with its nifty pop up modular tent.

Why do you want to buy a tent? Where are you going to use it? Are you camping alone or will you be camping with others? How many others? These are all great questions to keep in mind when reading through our picks for the best tent below.

Is a $25 Tent from Walmart Waterproof? - Ozark 1 Person Backpacking Tent

Ready to dive in? For starters, the Airbeam design makes the Utopia Air a breeze to erect. The beams are pre-angled, creating more space and headroom inside. Vango has also seen fit to include its excellent SkyTrack II system inside the Utopia Air, ideal for hanging lanterns, wash bags and more, freeing up valuable floor space. Camping at the height of summer can be an uncomfortable affair, thanks to high temperatures, early morning light and noise. With so many great features, smart looks and luxurious comfort, the Vango Utopia Air TC will make you the envy of everyone on the campsite.

Check out more of this year's award winners on our main T3 Awards page. Want to try camping but don't want to spend a ton on a tent just in case you don't actually get on that well with holidaying in the wilds? Or perhaps you do like camping but hate pitching a tent? Either way, this is the best tent for you. As it's name suggests, the 2 Seconds Fresh and Black Tent can be thrown up almost immediately. It's super-simple to erect, making it ideal for beginner campers and anyone nervous about being the laughing stock of the campsite that never happens, so don't worry.

Decathlon has designed this tent to be well-ventilated, which is especially important if it happens to rain and you're sheltering in your new tent a lot. It also ensures no build-up of nasty smells. There's blackout tech in the bedrooms too, which works to block out that pesky early morning sunshine for longer, so you can lie-in on your camping holiday.

Just be sure to peg the tent down to make it extra secure, otherwise a big gust of wind might run off with it. The Terra Nova Laser compact is a big fat cheat.

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So short in fact, that it fits easily in bike panniers. Without question, this is the best tent for serious powder hunters. This highly rated festival tent delivers plenty of space and features for the money, putting quality camping within reach of smaller budgets. And it's packing some genuinely useful features A ten-minute pitch time and a roomy porch top off a robust offering. The Snugpak Journey Solo joins a long heritage of solo bivvies from Snugpak.

Although it is a single person tent, the hoops transform it from a real bivvy which is basically a waterproof bag , into the realms of actual camping. This means that reading a book or checking a map from the comfort of your sleeping bag is a practical option, which is very useful in unpredictable UK weather. A set of broad vents will keep condensation to the bare minimum, while a robust groundsheet and included protective footprint will prevent any nasty spiky surprises on the ground from ruining your snooze.

At 2kg there is a penalty to pay for this full-feature list, so it is worth looking at light man tents if you need flexibility. For the lone ranger though, this is a veritable tent-palace.

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Indeed, the tunnel design could be potentially compared with the Hilleberg Nallo, a tent costing easily double the price. Light enough to carry on treks, strong enough for UK conditions, and roomy enough for a genuine two-person sleeper, the F10 Xenon is a bit of a gem. A classic mountain tent for two, the Quasar has been proven over decades of heavy use to be the ultimate shelter for all weathers and all climates.

It was updated last year with 30 denier nylon ripstop Watershop fabric for the flysheet, reducing the weight of the tent even further. The same basic design has a variety of spin-offs for different extremes, from an ultralight version through to a full-fat polar expedition number with snow valances. Pitching is easy too, as the tent comes with colour coded poles that makes it pretty much idiot-proof. Big Agnes has made a bit of a name for itself in the world of ultralight tents, and the newest contender from across the pond takes that to new levels.

The Tiger Wall 2 Platinum weighs in at a frankly bemusing g trail weight. However, the Tiger Wall 2 Platinum already has a kind-of-ensuite, with two porches provided for all your stuff, as well as a host of other quality attributes.

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Also the mesh inner is more suited to spring-summer UK use than at the colder end of the seasons. Looking for a yurt to erect in your garden, or to take with you on an extended camping holiday? Sporting a super-heavyweight 18kg cotton construction, the Alfheim is ideal for car camping trips and semi-permanent dwelling, sleeping people with ease. Named after the home of the light elves in Norse legend obviously , the Alfheim Don't worry about draughts as a result: there are a series of internal 'cabins' available to sleep up to four people, as well as a zipped-in floor for further protection and heat retention.

When you've got a family to think about, your camping needs are pretty simple: you want as much space as possible. Outwell makes tents exclusively for families, and its range is vast — there are over 40 to choose from on the website, ranging from simple to out-of-this-world. The Montana hits the middle sweet spot, with space for up to six people and loads of room to relax inside. It also has a range of customisation options, such as a porch extension and a beefed-up roof for when the weather turns extreme. There are two separate and generously sized bedrooms, so you can introduce some private space as needed.

You got it.

The thought of spending tons of cash on camping gear can be a little off-putting for beginners, especially if you don't need a load of space or you want a basic tent that's easy to wrangle. Decathlon's Quechua range offers solid options in just about every size and type of tent, starting with the perfectly fine two-man Arpenaz 2. Purchasing a cheap no-name tent is a recipe for camping disaster, as it will leak, tear and probably blow away. Choose a pop up tent designed by a well-known manufacturer, and keep your eye out for superior features that include:.

There is no alternative to quality, particularly in a country as large as Australia, where temperatures soar and plummet and the weather can change without warning. Here are some handy tips for choosing the right tent. Tents provide a thin shield of protection from the elements and staying dry while camping in the rain is essential.

The best tents are water resistant and promote air flow for staying cooler during the day and comfortable at night. The weather can drop markedly overnight in the outback, and you are guaranteed to wake up freezing unless you have a suitable tent, sleeping bag and other creature comforts on your side. It pays to invest in a tent with a solid floor, and the addition of a thin and durable camp mattress will keep you high and dry.

Camping Tents

Check out sleeping bag options available at Anaconda, and pair your tent, bag, and other equipment for a warm and comfortable camping adventure. Most people prefer a slightly larger tent, rather than compressing everything into a confined space. If you require a general camping tent with more space, purchase a 3-person tent instead of a 2-person tent, or choose a tent with adaptable walls, rooms and awnings.

A family-sized tent can be a home base with all the bells and whistles including camp cooking equipment, solar lighting, USB compatible devices, showers, toilets and every other type of comfort. Your tent choice will probably be influenced by your favourite camping style, so whether you are looking for hiking tents, dome tents, cabin tents, a beach tent or roof top tent, Anaconda have the style options you are after.

Our tents are hand selected by outdoor specialists for their workmanship, durability and weather-resistant performance, and with major tent manufacturers on our side, we pass the savings on to you. Anaconda's nation-wide reach allows us to equip all Australians with superior outdoor products designed to handle tough conditions. We are excited to showcase the best gear and accessories and invite you to explore our impressive range.

Cheap tent deals
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Cheap tent deals
Cheap tent deals

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