Closing complex deals

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Make yourself stand out through thoughtful outreach. Treat every opportunity to bat as though it may be your only one - make it count!

Earn More Revenue For Your Growing Business By Closing Bigger Deals

Always encourage an in-person meeting. Book a last-minute trip, take the red eye, do whatever you can to meet face-to-face.

How To Close A Long Term, Complex Sale With Shane Gibson - Salesman Podcast

Even more importantly, you get the chance to connect on a human level - for a true salesperson, this not only accelerates the process of building trust, but it also makes the job a whole lot more fun. Have your pitch down pat and be able to deliver it in no more than 3 sentences. What are they focused on achieving this year?

Earn More Revenue For Your Growing Business By Closing Bigger Deals

What could stand in their way of achieving that? How motivated are they to alleviate it? They do not lead the witness. Is there a milestone they are trying to achieve? Are there particular people who are motivated to solve this? Ask for introductions to other relevant members of the team by suggesting short user interviews. Conduct these interviews pitch-free, focused on uncovering the common pain points across stakeholders that your product could relieve.

When circling back with the decision-maker, you should be able to reinforce the value of your product through the words expressed by his or her own employees.

Solutions Sales, Complex Sales and The Challenge of Closing The Deal

This means working backwards from key milestones, identifying a point person for implementation, and confirming the final decision-makers and decision-making process. Watch the webinar.

Business is global. Companies deal with clients all over the world and have offices in multiple locations. The challenge is now maintaining connections between different offices and clients when they are physically remote.

1. Target Account Selling

The course focuses on the sale from the First Qualifying call to Closure. Buy Now.

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Course Contents Videos. Course Curriculum Types and Kinds of Salespeople. The Laws of Sales and Selling. How to build your Map to Money. Map to Money Overview Map to money eliments Creating the map to money. First Meeting with Prospect.

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Closing complex deals
Closing complex deals
Closing complex deals
Closing complex deals
Closing complex deals
Closing complex deals
Closing complex deals

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