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Not only is this a speedy and portable SSD with a protective bumper, it also serves as a mobile backup station for your photos. It has a USB port and SD card slot that you can use to import photos while out shooting on location and then plug it into your computer to start editing when you get home.

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It is loaded with other features, too, so check out our hands-on review. You may even want to consider going network-attached storage NAS instead of the conventional direct-attached route. For that I would advise you check out Choosing Storage! If all you intend to do is write stereo audio onto an external hard drive, you're unlikely to hit a bump in the road. But if you're doing multi-track recording, you may run into data-transfer limitations.

This could occur if your projects use a lot of plug-ins that are manipulating the audio tracks on the fly, or if you are triggering multiple virtual instruments with MIDI. That is, your OS and all your applications, including the DAW software, sit on one drive, and there is a dedicated drive for audio files. If you draw upon a lot of samples or virtual instruments, consider having all of these on yet another drive altogether.

WD Elements Portable

Depending on your studio, recording multi-track sessions to a FireWire drive may not a problem. It is possible to max out your audio interface without trouble at bits. Larger sessions, or those using a higher bit rate, would hit the ceiling and it would be recommended to upgrade to the latest interfaces for best performance.

You should be fine with good rpm drives, and it's unlikely anyone would recommend something slower. It's possible you could get away with it for very basic audio projects, but why risk it? Going with modern storage options and connectivity will only help guarantee smooth performance and gives you room to expand your setup later on without having to reinvest in all new media. It also has a standard USB 3. You can also swap it over to RAID 1 if you are looking for redundancy.

As just mentioned, as well as in the videography section, spinning fans make noise, as do spinning hard drives. If you can, you should separate your PC or laptop and external hard drive from the recording room. If you can't accomplish this, or sufficiently isolate the noise with sound damping, you will likely end up with background noise that can become irritating. If the disk drive must be nearby, consider a solid-state drive SSD. These are significantly more expensive, but if your pocketbook can handle it, you'll prevent disk and fan noise from marring your pristine audio.

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What type of external hard drive do you use for your creative endeavors? Let us know in the Comments section, below.

WD My Passport 4 TB Portable Hard Drive for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 - Black

Hi - I found this article and conversation in my search. I have two MacBook Pro laptops that include lots of photos and some videos from my iPhone. I would like to buy an external hard drive for my images and videos to store safely I do not use the cloud. I have determined that I need 1 TB for each computer I would like to use one drive per laptop. It will then be used often to access photos. Can you suggest something for just this use. I am a hobby photographer all images in jpeg. Hi Caroline. The drive is a portable drive so you can easily take it with you if you need to. It's preformatted for Mac and ready to use with your computers right out of the box.

I'm a photographer and also work in post visual work. I'm looking for better options to store and backup my files whilst working on the system. I've used LaCie, WD, and Toshiba, and all of my drives started breaking down and not showing up on my computer after a few months. Toshiba was the only one that lasted for more than a year. Either the disk would start squeaking, or the drive just wouldn't show up both in the disk utility and devices menu.

Are there any other drives or options you could recommend to me? I would really like to stop losing info and files because my drives stop working. We were thinking about using RAID0 We really need the speed , but I was wondering how can we connect the 4 computers we use to the same array? Thanks in advance :.

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC UHS-I card with Adapter(SDSQXAF-128G-GN6MA) - Black

I'm a video editor that works with 4k files. I currently have a 5k iMac with the mb internal SSD. Looking for it to be as fast and easy to edit on the computer as it is now or better if possible via a drive. Thanks in advance! This SSD has a capacity of 1TB, allowing you to store a variety of files, including movies, photos, music, documents, and more.

Included is a USB 3. Hi Mark, thanks for your reply! Would this be the best option for speed even better than the oyen? This is a good choice for mobile use, but not a recommended choice for extended video editing applications.

Im a Photographer and im looking for the best option to store and backup my files To help facilitate its functionality within a production environment, the StudioRAID comes pre-configured as a RAID 0, which helps enhance performance by spreading data across two drives and is also compatible with RAID 1, which offers data redundancy. Included is a micro-USB 3. It is protected by hardware, data recovery, and advance replacement warranties. It features a rugged all metal enclosure, and Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.

This array is configured with two 4TB rpm drives for a total capacity of 8TB. Even though it's preformatted for Mac, you'll be able to reformat it for compatibility with Windows systems. In addition to simplifying the backup process for both Windows and Mac computers, this hard drive features bit AES hardware encryption to ensure stored files remain secure.

I'm considering adding an external drive to my Microsoft Surface Studio which I use for video editing. The computer has USB 3. Is there a particular external drive you would recommend that would meet my needs yet is also reasonably priced? Love this thing! Perfect appliance for the family home.

Best Portable Hard Drives in 2018 - Which Is The Best Portable Hard Drive?

The My Cloud mobil app makes backups of your iPhone and iPad a cinch. Wich external drive would you reccomend to store photos and videos to? I was thinking maby Tb. Unfortunately i have a Mac air with usb 2. They're fairly inexpensive but very reliable. I'd suggest to consider 2 drives if it's within your budget Hi I'm wondering whether the Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C connections on the new macbook pro are a gamechanger for high performance editing drives. If I want to futureproof myself and am getting the new macbook pro , should I also be looking to get thunderbolt 3 capable hard drives to maximise performance?

I suppose the alternative would be to stick with a trusty thunderbolt 2 drive and use the thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 adapter. Does anyone know how performance compares when using the adapter? An adapter will only allow speeds compatible with the host connection and cannot produce Thunderbolt 3 speed.

Tough call! I love WD products for many of my household and business tasks, but for editing I leave the heavy lifting to my G-Tech drives and arrays. Great article! If you are going to copy the entire drive, you can use disk utility. Other than that I would say just drag, and drop. Thank you for all of the abave. The external enclosure also features USB 3. The drives are user-serviceable and hot swappable, meaning that you can replace them at any time with fresh drives for more storage capacity.

There are also a number of features that give the LaCie 4TB 2big Quadra an added layer of protection. Besides the redundancy of data in Raid 1 mode, the unit also ships with professional backup software for timed and scheduled backups that include file-level and system-level restores.

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