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Is Dry Cleaning Better Than Machine Washing?

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Though the dry cleaning method is gentler, the solvents it uses are far more powerful than laundry detergent and can more easily remove stains and blemishes. Dry cleaning clothes makes them last even longer. Even after using a washing machine, there can be stains and dirt embedded in the fabric that cannot be seen, which makes the piece less comfortable and, eventually, unwearable. At Comet Cleaners, bleach is a last resort.

We never use bleach on clothing unless it is absolutely necessary and we are certain that it will not damage the garment. There are a few types of buttons that have been built to withstand pressure from pressing, but many still have a difficult time surviving the process.

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We cannot always prevent buttons from cracking, but we do replace broken or missing buttons at no charge for our customers. Perspiration is tough on clothing. Worse still, antiperspirants with aluminum chloride can also damage your clothes if applied in excess.

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To prevent sweat damage, you need to be diligent in the amount of antiperspirant you use and get the affected clothing to a dry cleaner immediately after wearing. According to Care Label Rule, colors must be able to withstand the recommended care procedure. Generally, dry cleaning maintains colors better than a washing machine, but our team will always check the labels ahead of time to ensure the garment can survive the process.

Dry cleaning is proven to remove stains more effectively than washing machines. Unfortunately, some stains are permanent, and not even the best cleaning methods can remove them. If you notice a stain on your clothes, do not try to remove it yourself.

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Washing a stain or attempting to remove it with a home remedy can actually ingrain it further into the fabric and make it permanent. Quickly take the item in question to Comet Cleaners where our trained laundry professionals will try to remove it. Though only a few Comet Cleaner facilities perform alterations on-site, most of them can process your request and send the item off for improvement. Find Us!

Drive Up Service Drive on thru today! Express Bag Service Expedite your dry cleaning service. Leather to Linens We know how to handle all the things. Wedding Gowns Preserve your dress for years to come. Many dresses also come with beads, sequins, or pearls that make them difficult to clean and press. You will need professional cleaners that have worked with wedding gowns before to keep your dress in pristine condition. Tablecloths, comforters, and bedsheets can get very dirty very quickly. Comet Cleaners uses safe, eco-friendly cleaning solvents that will remove all dirt and debris from these items.

Save yourself from stains and smudges on elegant tablecloths by letting the professionals wash away all evidence of meals past.

While it is almost never a good idea to throw linens in the washing machine, there are some that actually cannot even survive any laundering method other than dry cleaning. Always check the labels of items before washing them for any special instructions or warnings. Many items, usually very expensive ones, can be heavily damaged by detergent and water.

At Comet Cleaners, we use proven cleaning solvents to clean comforters and linens. All of our solutions have been tried and proven true countless of times. We are familiar with all kinds of fabrics and which chemicals can harm them. Inspected by industry professionals, your leather and suede will be carefully cleaned. So putting leather in the washing machine is never a good idea. Leather cannot survive being doused with water, and it could permanently ruin item.

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Dry cleaning, on the other hand, utilizes special solvents to clear away dirt and debris. The key to cleaning leather is using a powerful cleaner that is gently applied to the item. People come to Comet Cleaners with leather clothing every day. You can be sure that we would not have been able to open locations across the U.

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Sometimes clothes need a little extra something to perfectly fit your style. Only certain locations offer alterations on-site, but all of them can process your request and send the items off for upgrading. Your favorite outfits go through a lot of wear and tear, and without proper maintenance, you could be hanging up your favorite dress shirt for good. Spare the clothes from retirement with professional alterations from Comet Cleaners.

Drop off or pick up your cleaning without getting out of your car! We also offer Valet services at all of our locations. We then charge your card on file and walk your clothes out to you. At Comet Cleaners, every job is a priority. We will always get your clothes cleaned quickly, efficiently, and to your exact specifications. Name required.

comet cleaners coupons lubbock tx Comet cleaners coupons lubbock tx
comet cleaners coupons lubbock tx Comet cleaners coupons lubbock tx
comet cleaners coupons lubbock tx Comet cleaners coupons lubbock tx
comet cleaners coupons lubbock tx Comet cleaners coupons lubbock tx
comet cleaners coupons lubbock tx Comet cleaners coupons lubbock tx

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